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Communication In Relationships-The Key To A Great Marriage

Communication in relationships-the key to a great marriage

You might have heard "it's all about communication in relationships" many times before. And that's because it's so important! Bad communication is at the root of many serious marital problems, and is one of the leading reasons for divorce. Do you know where your patterns for communication in relationships come from? Chances are you learned them from your parents, or other primary adult figures in your childhood. Think back to how your parents did and perhaps still do interact. Were there long simmering arguments? Careful and considerate talk? Compromise and haggling? Or did they just refuse to talk about anything? These were the first lessons you recieved on how to interact with a partner, and they may be very deeply rooted behaviors now that you are an adult.

So what now?

The first step to learning  great communication in relationships is to become aware of your habits. Start by thinking back to a specific moment in your childhood when you saw your parents communicating. What kind of body language did they use? Did one person dominate the conversation? How was the discussion ended? You can ask your partner to do the same reflection. Once you’ve made a note of this, think about how you act in your relationship. Do you see any similarities or differences?

Perhaps you grew up in a very toxic environment where your parents constantly bickered, fought and shut each other out. The good news is, your are not doomed to repeat these experiences! You’ve already taken the first step towards better communication in relationships—you’ve become aware of how you communicate.

The second step is learning new ways to communicate with your partner. This will take practice and insight, but it is completely possible for anyone who is committed to a better relationship. Marriage help books or counseling is a great place to learn these skills, and Power of Two is the perfect option for someone who wants first-class communication in relationships training on their own, or working together with their partner. Power of Two has been scientifically proven to improve couples’ happiness and well-being, teaching communication in relationships with skills such as emotional regulation, productive listening, collaborative decision making and how to clean up after arguments. Plus, it’s affordable, convenient, and individually tailored to your needs!

Free yourself from your parents’ marriage and start down the road towards the marriage that you want. Become a member of Power of Two and begin working with your coach right away!


Talk with your relationship coach today.
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