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The gay community has fought for years for equal rights.  The recent victory for gay marriage in NY is bringing celebrations across the country.  Many loving couples are excitedly planning weddings. But what next? What happens after the wedding…?

Most couples, same-sex and heterosexual, underestimate what it takes to have a healthy marriage. A healthy marriage is based on respect, love, intimacy, and commitment. But more than that, it’s a partnership: two people blending their lives together while still remaining individuals.  A lifelong partnership requires couples to make big decisions together, deal with differences, and smooth over a few bumps along the way.  Luckily, Power of Two can teach you how to communicate with your spouse and other powerful skills that will help your marriage reach its greatest potential. 

So why is Power of Two a good fit for same-sex couples? 

  • It’s fun and to the point. From emotional regulation to shared decision making, Po2 offers short bites of information designed for people who want quick but high-quality learning. Our engaging combination of flash games, animations, live action videos, and activities will keep you smiling while you learn.
  • Po2 is useful at any point in your relationship, whether you’ve just gotten engaged or have been a together already for decades.
  • At only a few dollars a day, it’s a great alternative to couples therapy, and has been scientifically shown to improve your relationship.
  • Po2 believes that lasting, loving relationships make the world a better place. Unlike other marriage strengthening programs, we are not religiously or politically affiliated. We’re excited to welcome all couples into the great world of married life! 
  • The healthy marriage skills you learn will serve you well long after you’ve gone through the program … plus you can always return to the website for a reboot!
  • Po2 is great for busy people with hectic schedules – do it on your own time, from the privacy of your home or laptop, no appointment needed.
  • Power of Two is the only online marriage counseling program that also provides you with a real-live coach to help you and guide you.
  • Po2 relationship skills will help you enjoy a healthy marriage, and also help you to handle sensitive situations with in-laws, coworkers, and friends. 

Marriage is a commitment to building a stable, devoted relationship.  Now that you have won the right to make that vow, Power of Two can teach you the skills to make it last!

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