Introduction to Listening Skills

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The Basics...

In this video, Power of Two Workbook author Dr. Abigail Hirsch explains basic listening skills.

Effective listening -- listening with an open mind and your full attention -- is a huge sign of respect for your partner and the key to great communication. Effective listeners demonstrate interest by Listening to Learn, meaning that their goal in listening is to take in information from the speaker and to find what is right about it, not to critique it.

Secondly, effective listeners Digest Aloud. This is more than just nodding along and repeating what was said. It means truly chewing on the information given and drawing in your own related experiences to show you are engaged in and processing what the other person is telling you.

In this unit we will focus on one key skill for Listening to Learn: replacing the word but with and to avoid deleting what your spouse has said.

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