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Here's what our users have to about the Power of Two Online: 

"I'm not sure where to start. We talked, and we moved forward, quietly and without any blame or yelling. I am amazed. I feel powerful. Before starting PO2, I would have just avoided the topic until I felt so angry I would explode. That didn't happen today and I can work on skills to make sure it doesn't have to happen again. Thank you. I did not believe this was possible."



"Dear Power of Two –
Despite having closed my account, I think your service and means of delivery are excellent.  I read the book and when times got tough, I wanted a resource to go to that would help me think about the best way for me to handle potentially explosive situations and all the emotions that accompany them.  The Power of Two provided me with what I needed to get through the tough times. Thank you."


"Dr. Abigal Hirsch, I would like to say you are truly inspiring and I would like to personally thank you and your mom...I think your site is awesome if one actually chooses to follow it and learn and practice what is taught. I may be gone for now, though I will always remember and [know] that this great tool is just a click away."


“My husband and I have a pretty good relationship, but like most couples, we hit a ‘rough patch’ every now and again.  We weren't even close to thinking about separation, but we were both in a constant state of annoyance at one another.  In trying to figure out how we could get our act together, I found "Power of Two."  I quickly began checking out the resources available on the site.... they were down-to-earth, and dare I say, fun!  Not only were the activities and games entertaining and easy to understand, they were full of useful tools to help us get things going in the right direction again.  I signed up and haven't regretted a moment."


"Within a week, I saw a positive turn in our relationship... and the move in that positive direction kept going!  It's been six months and I can honestly say that our relationship is stronger than ever.  Thanks, Dr. Heitler and the Power of Two team, for creating such a wonderful resource!!"


"I have learned a very valuable tool since I have been partaking in your "learning sessions!" My husband is 100% motivated by the way of talking you have taught me! I have always believed in being careful and watching what we say because our tongues are such a powerful tool and extremely hurtful. But, ALWAYS being positive and ALWAYS saying good things works. It is his key!"


"Actually, I dreamt about it....I caught myself saying something inappropriate and in my head (dream), I said to myself, this needs to be reframed. Crazy? I actually apply things daily now. Thanks."


"I feel better now that we have a tool like PO2 to help us build a strong foundation [for] the marriage. Many other resources I found online were not as positive and fun. The website helps to keep issues like communication present."

~Celia and Louis

"Thank you Dr. Hirsch. Actually, the avoidance of "crossovers" is easier said than done, but I don't need to tell you that, right (smile). But it really does work because D and I had a situation the other day… When she asked me what was wrong, believe me it was far easier to start using the "YOU DID..." but I paused and said, "I FELT EMBARRASSED when you..." At first she tried to justify the behavior, but I just quietly restated my feeling and amazingly she de-escalated and then apologized. So thank you, Dr. Hirsch!”


"What I like best about the program is that the activities are about things that I'm concerned about. It's just not a regular activity for everyone, it specifically addresses your concern."


"Thank you! We recently listened to the podcast on shared values and it was great. It really opened up the communication lines and helped me express myself. Power of Two was just what I was looking for. Other marriage prep I found were very loaded with divorce stats. Your team is here to support our relationship. We are so thrilled!!"


"I think my coach is right on track with keeping up with me. It seems every time I need a nudge I get it, at the right time and in the right direction! Last week I had missed my Power of Two work for about a week and Dr Hirsch sent me a reminder and little motivation note that I was almost complete. Now I am back on track! :)"


"Just the thirty minutes last night watching, participating, and listening to the various activities/videos provided more tools than we had in all of our counseling sessions combined. This site is a godsend."


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