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Unit Overview

In this Welcome Unit you will...

  1. Define what you want for your relationship.
  2. Meet your coach.
  3. Assess your relationship.
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Hello from Dr. Susan Heitler, Dr. Abigail Hirsch, and the whole Power of Two Team.

At this point, it's likely that you're wondering, how will this help my marriage? Can a relationship really be transformed by a web-app? The simple answer, YES. How? By feeding you custom picked activities which will help you to learn, practice and most important implement skills that build strong and loving marriages.

Power of Two Online is organized around a list of recommendations from your coach. If you are reading this page, you just opened the first activity from your coach's picks list. At Power of Two you'll find all kinds of activities-- games, videos, worksheets, e-mail tips, text message series, podcasts, articles and more.

You'll notice that activities in your list are grouped into units. For example, right now, you are in the Welcome Unit. Units are groups of a few related activities which work together to help you learn, practice or implement new skills. For example, in this unit you'll be learning about Power of Two Online and setting up your customized profile.

As you complete activities, close them with the Mark Activity Completed button at the bottom of each page. This will bring you back to your homepage and move you on to the next activity.

One other feature to notice on your activity pages is the right side column where we list other suggested activities. These are sometimes other activities in a given unit. Sometimes they are related material that give more depth on the topic you're learning. And sometimes they are just fun additional resources. Feel free to explore these whenever you want.

In this Welcome Unit you will complete three activities. You will:

  • Define what you want for your relationship.
  • Meet your coach.
  • Assess your relationship.

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