Be a Super Supporter 101

Unit Overview

In this unit you will...

  1. Learn about Power of Two Baseball Support Skills.
  2. Hone your knowledge of how to coach your spouse.
  3. Practice your skills with a worksheet.
  4. Put your new skills into action.
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The Basics:

One of the most wonderful things about being married is having your very own, personal, built-in supporter. Having a spouse who is skilled at being helpful is a true gift. And, at the same time, we've all sometimes had the kind of help that, well, we could do without.

In this unit you'll make sure you know how to be the former and not the latter!

In this unit we'll help you to:

  • Understand the most effective way to help your spouse.
  • Read about the details that make for helpful instead of annoying support.
  • Fine-tune your skills in practice examples.
  • Test out your skills with your spouse.

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