Relationship Safety 101

Unit Overview

In this unit you will...

  1. Explore information about relationship safety and domestic violence.
  2. Learn about resources for you or any friends or family members who might be at risk.
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Abuse? Me? No way!

Nobody expects to be in a relationship that becomes abusive. In fact, most people miss the early signs that a marriage may be heading towards problems. For instance, did you know that patterns of trying to control the other person are a HUGE red flag?

For your safety and for the sake of everyone you love, learn about red flags for domestic violence and for other forms of verbal or emotional abuse. Sadly, many people suffer silently in relationships where domestic violence is the norm because nobody knew these basic signs and checked things out.

In this unit we'll help you to:

  • Discover a variety of warning signals and other information about relationship safety.
  • Find resources for yourself and your loved ones if you become concerned about any relationship of anyone you care about.

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