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The marriage skills e-mail series includes:

  1. It's all about listening.
  2. How affair-proof is your marriage?
  3. "What the !@#$*?" How fights start.
  4. What kind of marriage problems should I look out for?
  5. What are the keys to supportive & intimate relationships?
  6. 10 reasons anger hurts your marriage.
  7. The sexless marriage checklist.
  8. Stop trying to help! Or... how to be a supportive partner.
  9. How can you fix your relationship?
  10. What is Good Communication?

Power of Two Skill Areas

Unit Overview

In this unit you will...

  1. Learn about the 4 core skill areas.
  2. Consider your strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Pick a few areas as your initial focus.
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What makes for a great marriage?

At first glance it may seem like some people just have "all the luck" or that perhaps that couple was simply a "perfect fit." Actually, luck and fit, while both nice, are rarely what distinguishes marriages that feel effortless and happy from those that struggle.

Marriages that work are built on rock-solid skills in four areas. Here's the good news. Most marriages can become great marriages with the infusion of solid skills in these four areas.

In this unit we'll help you to:

  • learn about the 4 core skill areas.
  • begin to think about which areas are your current strengths and weaknesses.
  • pick a few areas as your initial focus with Power of Two Online.

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