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Fix-it Talk 101

Unit Overview

In this unit you will...

  1. Explore how to expand the Win-Win process for fixing squeaky wheels in your marriage.
  2. Apply your new skills to how you do household chores.
  3. Assess your learning.
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The Basics:

One important extension of the Win-Win skill set is called Fix-It Talk. Fix-It Talk is the version of Collaborative Decision Making that enables couples to notice and then to fix places where their marriage has gotten a bit, well, broken. Fix-It Talk is great for repairing routines that no longer work and mending other places that are creating frustration.

In this unit we'll help you to:

  • Learn the Fix-It Talk routine.
  • Practice Fix-It Talk by looking at some practical how-do-we's around the house.
  • Summarize what you've learned and decide what to focus on next.

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