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Decision Making 103

Unit Overview

In this unit you will...

  1. Refresh your Win-Win skills with a quick Tom and Vera episode.
  2. Explore how the process creates depth and intimacy in a podcast with Dr. Heitler.
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The Basics:

While it may feel like "Ok, I get it already--Positions, Concerns, Solutions" people often underestimate the power of this simple process to use simple day-to-day conversations to make sure big-ticket concerns are being discussed and resolved.

In this unit you'll get a bit more light-hearted review with Tom and Vera. This time, when you watch the two of them, pay attention to how calmly and quickly the two hop through the steps. For most decisions, your goal is to get the process flowing that easily as well.

You'll also be listening to a more in-depth podcast with Dr. Susan Heitler. In this podcast she's working with a couple who is learning Win-Win skills. Much to their surprise, when applied to a simple decision like where to go to dinner, the process is able to bring to light some very important and fundamental concerns about their marriage.

In this unit we'll help you to:

  • Notice how smooth and second-nature Win-Win can sound.
  • Explore how real Win-Win decisions integrate practical and deeper concerns.

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