Trust Invites Intimacy

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What is this about?

Intimacy flourishes where openness is safe. Each of you has the power to make your home safe for sharing vulnerable thoughts and sensitive feelings -- and also the power to create an unsafe environment. Where there is safety, there is trust. Where there is no safety, there is no trust, and intimacy is ill-advised.

Print out the pdf above, and rate yourself from 1 (not so well) to 5 (extremely well) on how well you build trust in several areas.

Then, look over your responses and share your thoughts on these with your spouse. Be sure you each evaluate yourselves. In addition, sharing what you appreciate in your spouse is helpful. Requesting what you would like more of can also lead to fruitful -- though sensitive -- discussion.

  • What are you pleased about in your trustworthiness?
  • Which does your spouse feel he or she does well?
  • What can each of you do to make your home feel more safe and your actions feel more trustworthy?

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