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  1. It's all about listening.
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  6. 10 reasons anger hurts your marriage.
  7. The sexless marriage checklist.
  8. Stop trying to help! Or... how to be a supportive partner.
  9. How can you fix your relationship?
  10. What is Good Communication?

Support Your Spouse

Click the 'Begin' button to start the activity.

The Basics...

Learn how to be a super supportive spouse by being a first-rate coach for your partner. This activity introduces the concept of support skills baseball.

Support Skills Baseball at a Glance:

Supportive spouse's coach their spouse instead of running for them.

1st base. Ask questions to understand the problem.

2nd base. Ask questions to clarify underlying concerns.

3rd base. Ask questions to encourage your spouse to create solution options.

Home run! Support your spouse in picking a choice and moving forwards.

Reflection Questions

What is different about Support Skills Baseball then telling your spouse what you think might help?

What bases are the least likely for you to do naturally?

What about this process feels most helpful to you?