Coaching the Coach

Open The Power of Two to pages 257 - 268 for more in-depth explanations and examples featuring Len, Linda, Gerald, and Gina.

Hone your coaching skills on pages 175 - 184 in The Power of Two Workbook.

Here is a set of sample responses to the first coaching drill.

  • What's on your mind? What's creating all the tension?
  • What about the new house has you feeling so tense and worried?
  • Yes, it is a lot bigger than the other house. Having three floors instead of our current one-floor ranch seems really different to me, too.
  • What specifically about the size is on your mind?
  • Yes, our two loungers and small table might look pretty lonely. What else has been on your mind?
  • How could we create some cozy spaces? Also, what might be a doable way to fill the space?
  • What feels like a good place to start?

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