Prepare to Apologize Worksheet

Think back to a time when you two had an upsetting incident. Regardless of who’s fault it may have seemed to be, it’s likely that finding a way to apologize for your piece of the problem will be helpful.

Now it’s time to work on crafting your side of the apology.

Step 1: Express Regret:

Describe what it is that you regret having done.

Step 2: Accept Responsibility

Take a deep breath and acknowledge what you did.

Step 3: Clarify non-intentionality

At the same time, share how much your intention was not to hurt.

Step 4: Explain the circumstances

Give a bit more detail. How did all this happen?

Step 5: Repair damages

How can you set things straight?

BONUS Step 6: Learn for the future.

Time to figure out what needs re-arranging so that this same fight never occurs again. What can you learn or change or do to help avoid making the same mistakes again?

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