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The marriage skills e-mail series includes:

  1. It's all about listening.
  2. How affair-proof is your marriage?
  3. "What the !@#$*?" How fights start.
  4. What kind of marriage problems should I look out for?
  5. What are the keys to supportive & intimate relationships?
  6. 10 reasons anger hurts your marriage.
  7. The sexless marriage checklist.
  8. Stop trying to help! Or... how to be a supportive partner.
  9. How can you fix your relationship?
  10. What is Good Communication?

Increase Warmth

Click the image above to download and print out the set of dialogue cards.

What is this about?

While talking about your spouse with the royal "we" is likely to be annoying, making time to share a real "we" as part of your marriage is essential. In this Real World Challenge, you two actually get to compete! Let's see who can bring the most positive we-moments into your week.

Tips for Completing the Activity

Hint: Catch your spouse doing something on the list and you can easily even up the score. Give them a mark for what they did, and then earn yourself some points by expressing thanks for their gesture!

Reflection Questions

  • How is your marriage different after making we matter all week?
  • What was your favorite moment from the week?
  • What could you do to help sustain an upbeat climate all the time?