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Welcome to Power of Two Online!

This program has lots of activities to help you build a strong & loving relationship.

You'll find:

  • videos featuring marriage experts Dr. Susan Heitler and Dr. Abigail Hirsch
  • video excerpts from a live workshop with Dr. Hirsch
  • interactive activities
  • animations
  • worksheets
  • real world challenges
  • information on special topics

How do people use this program?

Pick a speed that works best for you. Completing even one short activity can give you something helpful to think about for your week. Or, you might want to jump in and do a whole bunch of activities right off the bat.

Remember -- changing a relationship takes time. The trick is to make sure with each new skill you learn, you take the time to really practice using it in your relationship.

Don't forget that your coach is here to answer any questions you have and is eager to hear from you!

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