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  9. How can you fix your relationship?
  10. What is Good Communication?

Introduction to Keeping it Cool

The Basics...

In this short video, Power of Two Workbook author Dr. Abigail Hirsch explains the basics of emotion regulation. Some people say that arguments provide a little spice in a relationship. However much as these negative encounters seem to "enliven" your interactions, they are doing much more harm to your partnership than good.

Humans are very sensitive. Our bodies and minds -- and our relationships -- work best when we are in a calm, stable environment. Power of Two emotion regulation skills will teach you how to be a good thermostat: to monitor the atmosphere and know what tends to get you heated up.

The best way to control climate is to use an Exit and Re-enter routine, which is a way of stepping away from the situation in order to cool down and then, most importantly, coming back to discuss the matter. This should help you keep "spice" far away from anger, leaving room for jokes, positive interactions, new activities and bedroom fun to flavor your marriage.