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  1. It's all about listening.
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  4. What kind of marriage problems should I look out for?
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  6. 10 reasons anger hurts your marriage.
  7. The sexless marriage checklist.
  8. Stop trying to help! Or... how to be a supportive partner.
  9. How can you fix your relationship?
  10. What is Good Communication?

Introduction to Receiving Anger

Click play to watch the video.

The Basics...

What should you do when someone, perhaps your spouse, is mad at you? This video sets the stage for how to receive anger in a way that is skilled and helpful instead of in a way that leads to a big blow-out.

In this video, Dr. Abigail Hirsch outlines three helpful strategies for these moments.

First, know when you can receive anger and when using an Exit and Re-Enter is a better approach.

Second, hang on to your basics. The basic Power of Two skills are especially critical when there is a potential explosion in the making.

Finally, stay problem-solving focused. When you have a disagreement, the goal is to solve the problem, not to see who can land a better punch!

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