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  1. It's all about listening.
  2. How affair-proof is your marriage?
  3. "What the !@#$*?" How fights start.
  4. What kind of marriage problems should I look out for?
  5. What are the keys to supportive & intimate relationships?
  6. 10 reasons anger hurts your marriage.
  7. The sexless marriage checklist.
  8. Stop trying to help! Or... how to be a supportive partner.
  9. How can you fix your relationship?
  10. What is Good Communication?

Calm-Down Hotline

To reach our Calm Down Hotline, call this number:


The Basics...

When a conversation is getting heated and you're feeling anger at your partner, its time to exit the conversation and cool down.

This hot-line will walk you through the steps to collecting your thoughts and preparing yourself to return for a more productive version of a challenging conversation. The hot-line will help you to recall strategies for calming down and techniques for getting things started again on better footing.

Try calling the hot-line now to check it out. Better yet, program it into your phone so you have it next time you need it!