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Concerns Vs. Solutions Worksheet

It’s your turn to practice separating Initial Positions from Underlying Concerns. A quick refresher: Concerns are the underlying pieces of what is important to you, of value, concerning, or interesting. There are lots of ways to meet any given Concern. Positions, in contrast, are action plans. There is only one way to execute a Position.

We’ll give you a series of topics where, chances are, at some point you have had some Underlying Concerns. For each area, start by listing an Initial Position you would be likely to propose. Then dig deeper. What Underlying Concerns might be under this Position for you?

HINT: Starting your concerns with “I’m concerned that. . . “ or “It’s important to me to. .. “ are almost sure-fire winners!

Dinner Preparation:

Retirement Savings:


Weekend Plans:

Holiday Celebrations:

Time Together:



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