Feelings are Keys

Click the image above to download and print out the set of dialogue cards.

What is this about?

Far from being hokey, feelings are very practical keys to opening the doors to empathy and intimacy.

Open a few doors together in this guided conversation.

Tips for Completing the Activity

Start this Do Together guided dialogue by downloading the pdf above. In this exercise you and your partner will begin to experience the potency of sharing feelings. You will need a door key (any house or lock key will do). The key symbolizes your desire to open your inner experience to each other. Take turns passing the key as you read out loud the dialogues in the pdf.

Reflection Questions

  • How did this drill feel when you first started?
  • What happened after a few rounds of passing the keys?
  • What types of feelings do you tend to share? Which are you less likely to talk about?

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