Practice Using
Insight and How/What Questions

Remember the Mantra:

I can say my thoughts and feelings with I-statements and Insights, or I can ask my spouse how and what questions. Crossovers are out-of-bounds.

Real World Application

It's time to put all this practice into action! Follow the steps below to transform real-world Crossovers you might be tempted to make into boundary-respecting, Power of Two approved statements.

Crossover Identification

First, identify types of situations when you are likely to make a Crossover:

Now, fill out the following blanks for some, or all, of the situations you identified.

Finally, really step it up! Re-write the entire Crossover. Begin by using an I-statement. Flesh it out by using when you feedback, feelings, and would like to's.

Then go for the gold and cap it off with some how or what questions which are focused on learning more about your spouse’s thoughts, preferences or perspectives.

HINT: This is a great worksheet to come back to and do over and over again. You can always refresh your browser or re-open the activity to get a clean worksheet.

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