Speak in Short Chunks


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The Basics...

This video gives an overview of why communicating in Short Chunks is so valuable for keeping conversations running smoothly. It's easy to keep talking when you feel you have a lot to say or are trying to explain something. However, long monologues result in information overload! Talking in short chunks
  • keeps the listener engaged
  • keeps the conversation two sided
  • helps avoid misunderstandings and arguments
There are a few guidelines you can follow to keep your talking in check. First, use the 3-sentence rule. Don't use over three sentences in one chunk. This could be two sentences of information and one question. Or it could be one of acknowledging what you heard, two of explanation, and a long pause until the other person responds. You can use your hands to keep track of your sentences. Make a fist for the first sentence, face your palm up for the second, and turn your palm down for the third when it's time to stop talking.

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