Introduction to Dialog Skills

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The Basics...

Dialog skills? Isn't communicating just about talking and listening? While talking and listening skills are very important, as Dr. Abigail Hirsch explains in this video, there is more to what makes a conversation smooth and satisfying.

These skills move beyond talking and listening, focusing instead on the overall feel and flow of the interaction.

In this section you'll learn about:

  • Braided Conversations are conversations where your information and opinions are woven in with your spouse's to make a smooth, flowing interaction. This is in contrast to Oppositional or Parallel Dialogue.
  • The 4 S's -- Short chunks, Specifics, Symmetry and Summarizing - are details about the structure of a conversation which keep it most productive.
  • Climate Controls are the tools for sticking to helpful choice of words, tone of voice and general temperature.

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