Dr. Abigail Hirsch is the co-author of the original Power of Two Workbook and leader of the Power of Two coaching team.

1. Add a photo.

Add a photo that inspires you to succeed in your marriage.

* You can always change this photo later in the top left of your tool bar.

2. Set a goal.

* Your goal should motivate you, and is a way of orienting your coach.

3. Mark this Activity Complete.

* When you Mark an activity complete, your coach knows it's time to send you a new assignment. Marking this activity complete will take you to your Queue. Each time you finish a page like this, be sure to click "Mark Activity Complete" so your coach knows you are done.

Who sees this info?

The information you submit throughout the Power of Two Online site is visible only by your coach. Your coach uses this information to tailor your experience to best fit your needs.

And, if you have any questions about how the Power of Two Online works simply ask your coach on your dashboard.

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